Brian McLaren is coming to Madison!

Brian Book2Christian author, leader, and activist, Brian McLaren is coming to spend the day in Madison on Saturday, March 8th, 2014.

Brian is this year’s featured speaker for the Doris Weidemann Memorial Peace Fund.  The memorial lecture will take place at 7pm and will focus on Brian’s latest book: “Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?

This is a book the Huffington Post calls, “A Christ-Like Message of Healing in our Violent Times.”

McLaren, whose groundbreaking bestseller A New Kind of Christian helped shape the emergent church movement’s exploration of new ways of being Christian in the post-modern era, has never shied away from hard questions. He never planned to become a “controversial religious leader”. Yet he has been called “heretic” and worse by fellow believers threatened by his willingness to challenge conventional religious thought. Brian has appeared on Larry King Live, Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, and Nightline. His work has also been covered in Time (where he was listed as one of American’s 25 most influential evangelicals), Christianity Today, Christian Century, and The Washington Post.

We will spend the earlier part of the day learning from Brian’s decades long career as a church leader, worship leader, author and grassroots organizer.  View the full day’s schedule and then register online.

This event will take place and is hosted by First Baptist Church, a progressive American Baptist church on Madison’s west side.